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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 10: Threat from Outer Space!!

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Game Details

Image (JP) (Wii)
(US) (PS3)
Developer Inticreates
Publisher Capcom
Genre Action/Platformer!
Players 1
Systems » WiiWare
» Playstation Network
» X-Box Live Arcade
Media » Flash Memory
Save Backup » Flash Memory

Release Notes

ロックマン10 宇宙からの脅威!!
Rockman 10: Uchuu Kara no Kyoui!!
(JP) 2010.03.09 (Wii)
(JP) 2010.03.09 (PS3)
(JP) 2010.03.31 (360)

Mega Man 10
(US) 2010.03.01 (Wii)
(EU) 2010.03.05 (Wii)
(US) 2010.03.11 (PS3)
(EU) 2010.03.11 (PS3)
(US) 2010.03.31 (360)
(EU) 2010.03.31 (360)


Official Website:
Japanese | English

Glorious Trailer
(JP) Download (FLV) (AVI)
(US) Download (FLV) (AVI)

The player will show in this paragraph

On December 9th 2009, this game was unexpectedly announced in the 250th issue of Nintendo Power.

Nintendo Power Scan (Click for a better view)


This is a list of things about the game:

» It will come out for the Wii Ware, Playstation Network and Live Arcade and keep the 8-bit style.

» Both Rockman and Blues will be playable. A third character has also been mentioned.

» The story goes like this: Robots are infected by a virus known as "Robotenza" that causes robots to overheat and go crazy. Roll catches that virus too. It's up to Rockman and gang to look for the vaccine-making device and ask Wily for help (Wily seems to have nothing to do with it, but you never know). The 8 robot masters are each holding a piece of the cure.

» Capcom's famed and well-known Yashichi icon from the first Rockman game (and many other Capcom games) will show up in this game too, and it will be an item that refills your life and weapon energy to the max!

» The shop and leaderboard features from Rockman 9 will be showing up in this game too.

» There will be difficulties to pick: Easy, Normal and Hard.

» Easy Mode will be like a guiding hand for players, by placing more platforms on the game's stages.

» No Female Robot Masters in this game.