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Drawn by Captain Headdy

Welcome to the RPM Awards section.
This page has long lists of things that has been voted on in different categories.
These awards are held once every year.

There are two different types of Awards.
The first one is Member Awards. The second one is Special Awards.

On each category and lists, you can see a number that looks like this: (-p).
These numbers show up at the top of the voted member or thing.
It means that each member or thing for that category got so many votes.
Example if it says (3p) right above Ice Cream and Pasta, each of them got 3 votes.
Each member and thing that gets the same score will share a rank in the list.

Vote Submissions & Basic Rules

Next to each category, there's a number next to each category. If it says (3), it means you can only vote on 3 members or 3 things on that specific category. (2) means you can only choose 2 members/things, and the numbers go on like this. On Couples and Comedy Duos, you can only vote for one.

You send a Private Message to the Vixy with every single one of your entries, packed into one single message. You MUST be a member of the forum for your entries to be accepted. Email doesn't count, and you can't send in someone else's entries for them. This will cause lots of issues and calculations in voting.

The more votes you managed to fill out, then it would be more organized, and everyone will get the votes they deserve without any votes being missed out. Every member that has sent in their entries will get their own "Voted" icon printed in their forum profile when the awards has ended, so that icon is a free award for participating. The entries doesn't have to be accepted day one.

Voting on yourself is NOT allowed, and those votes where you voted on yourself will be ignored.