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Original Rockman
(aka Classic Mega Man)

Rockman 9: The Revival of Ambition!!

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All Clear | Endless Attack | Special Stage
Blues | Hero | Super Hero
Magma Hornet Galaxy Tornado Jewel Splash Plug Concrete
Wily1 Wily2 Wily3 Wily4

Player: VixyNyan<3

VixyNyan<3All Clear00:23:31WiiVideo
VixyNyan<3Endless Attack1355WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Special Stage02:39:41WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Magma Man01:41:08WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Hornet Man01:33:95WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Galaxy Man01:58:98WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Tornado Man01:49:25WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Jewel Man01:38:86WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Splash Woman02:03:90WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Plug Man01:38:03WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Concrete Man01:28:83WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Wily Castle 102:12:01WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Wily Castle 202:36:63WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Wily Castle 302:36:83WiiImage
VixyNyan<3Wily Castle 403:05:36WiiImage