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Tile-throwing Legend: Mutsuki (2010.12.02)
ROCKMAN DASH 3 !!!!!! (JOYGASM!!!) (2010.09.29)
Mega Man Universe !!! (2010.07.16)
Zero Collection - Collection Mode (2010.06.09)
RTRZ Mythos (2010.06.08)
Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack (2010.06.08)
Rockman 10 Ranking & Staff (2010.03.09)
Rockman 10 Original Soundtrack (2010.02.03)
Mega Goat - Weapons (2010.01.26)

Gyahahahahaha! You kids tried to access a page, but its in my possessions now! If you want it back, tell Rockman to come to my castle and claim it back! I will be waiting... gyahahahahaha!

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