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Rockman DASH DS

Dengeki Online posted some interesting Rockman news just a couple of hours ago, but unfortunately, it got removed pretty fast because of insecurity between them and Capcom of Japan. We at RPM managed to snag some screens though and it looks like the DASH series is heading to the Nintendo DS after all! Oh joy! Alright, brace yourselves for the screens.

Here's the overall game play screen for the game. On the top we see our hero Rockman "Trigger" Volnutt face to face with two KnightMare Units guarding a gate. The Life Meter has gotten itself a boost too, as we can see that Rock begins with 7 of 14 MAX HP, as opposed to Rockman DASH: Hagane no Boukenshin's 5 of 10 MAX HP system. On the Touch Screen, we can see a Menu with functions such as Equipment for your Buster Parts, Options for game configuration, Map which will let you Zoom In and Out by pressing the Plus and Minus buttons next to the map screen, Item which most likely keeps recovery and other neat stuff and the basic Time and Zenny info in the corner.

Some more dungeon-based screens, where we see Data and a Treasure Chest on the first screen and some Reaverbot fighting action on the second screen. It's awesome!

The last in-game screen is based on a town, and here we see not only the ordinary main cast from the DASH series, but we also see a new character called Meiru (who looks so much like the Meiru from the Rockman.EXE series). The dialog seems to say: "Rock? It's a cute name! Fufufu!" and it seems like Roll isn't too fond with that.

This game has been confirmed to release on December 17th 2007, the day where Rockman turns 20.
This is a truly excellent way to celebrate his birthday. We promise to keep you informed with more info.

Credit: Dengeki Online

Update: The scans for Rockman DASH DS has arrived from Famitsu, and it contains exciting information.

: Famitsu

Behind the Scenes

Actually, this is a April Fools 2007 joke, and it's nicely done.
Special Thanks to: BlackBeltDude, Robert Oakes, Zan Sidera, Mr.Dimond, Des and Vixy.

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Rockman DASH DS in the works!
Rockman DASH DS - Credits

Copyrights for the individual materials:
- Blackbeltdude: Backgrounds of Ruins and City, as well as the treasure chest sprite
- Robert Oakes: Sprites of Rock, Data, Roll, Meiru and KnightMares, with partial aid from Zan Sidera and Blackbeltdude
- Zan Sidera: Menu, screen text, Reaverbot, angry Roll pose and fat lady sprites, with partial aid from Robert Oakes
- Mr.Dimond: Fake scan
- Des: Translation for scan text
- Vixy: News Post message, Thumbnailing, Translation for most of the Touch Screen text...

The materials below are now available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
However, they are NOT Public Domain, so they cannot be used for other fan projects.

And then there's the background tiles.
(Click to Enlarge)